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Fingerprint Training 

is available at any time sign up now!


Certification Training


The purpose of this training is to provide information regarding the outline techniques for taking legible fingerprints. Obtaining quality fingerprint impressions can be a matter of using proper techniques. This will enhance your ability to avoid reasons why fingerprints are being constanly rejected by the FBI, STATE, etc.


Take advantage of this wonderful class that will benefit yourself, your company or even your employer.


The class will consist of the following:

  • Solutions/Reasons for the FBI/State's rejection
  • Main keys in obtaining best prints possible
  • Varities of Applications Process
  • Equipments and Supplies
  • Hands-On Training
  • Worn Fingerprints
  • Notations




Certificate of Completion 

will received after the four (4) hours

of training in obtaining legible fingerprints

issued by Arizona Fingerprinting Services.





(Example photo of  livescan machine)
Electronic Fingerprint Training

We are now offering "BASIC ELECTRONIC LIVESCAN FINGERPRINT TRAINING" for all the private sectors or companies that have their machine set up already, up and running into their location. This training is designed as a supplement information to make it easier for each technician that are having problems in obtaining readable set of fingerprints from clients, applicants or employees.


It will help them avoid all the hassles why your fingerprint cards are been rejected most of the time. This training will consist of proper rolling techniques and very informative ideas that will give all the technicians the advantage of it.


The training can have up to four (4) personnel who you wish to attend and which will take approximately anywhere from two (2) to four (4) hours with one FLAT RATE FEE. Call for pricing @ 623.692.5256



If interested in any

Fingerprinting Classes

Please call us for any question(s)

Thank you!


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